Léon Tutundjian (1905-1968) arrived in Paris around 1923, after fleeing the Armenian genocide. He spent the rest of his life in France (Paris and Villejuif).

An uncompromising man, with a rare inner exigence and strongly influenced by great scientific discoveries, Léon Tutundjian has always remained on the fringes of society and the art market, despite his avant-garde role and the recognition of his peers, including Arp, Calder, Carlsund, Hélion, Herbin and Van Doesburg.

This innovator, mastering and sublimating many techniques, leaves us with a work of great sensitivity and diversity, whose delicacy can be seen both in the so-called abstract period and in the surrealist period.

Whether it is collages, drawings, gouache or oils, his work spans geometric abstraction, cosmic abstraction, biomorphic art, concrete art, automatic writing, tachism, and surrealism. In particular, it is his mural sculptures, known as “reliefs”, and created mainly in 1929, which remain today a major testimony to his contribution to art history.

Léon Tutundjian
Untitled, 1925, gouache on paper, 17,5 x 20 cm

In order to promote Léon Tutundjian’s work in France and abroad, the Léon Tutundjian Foundation was created in 2017, under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation.

It works together with the Léon Tutundjian Association, a “sister” association also created in 2017 and is responsible for the operational activities.

This process of rediscovery is made possible by the commitment of a group of passionate people – historians, collectors, gallery owners, art lovers – all driven by a true love for Tutundjian’s work and convinced that such a work deserves wider recognition.


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