The foundation and the association


The main purpose of the Leon Tutundjian Foundation, under the aegis of the Bullukian Foundation, which is recognized as a public utility, is to collect funds, donations and contributions. These financial resources make it possible to act in the long term.

It works in conjunction with the Léon Tutundjian Association, the “sister” association responsible for most of the operational activities.

In addition, to protect the work, the Association houses the Tutundjian Committee responsible for selecting the works likely to appear in the catalogue raisonné, another major project in progress.
The profiles of our members are varied, all driven by a true love for Léon Tutundjian’s work,: collectors, gallery owners, art historians, art lovers convinced that such a work, and especially the period from 1925 to 1931, deserves wider recognition.

The discovery of Tutundjian’s work through representation in museums, trade fairs, private exhibitions and galleries evokes immediate respect and spontaneous admiration. It is the revelation of a modern and timeless work, a mixture of strength, delicacy and poetry, combined with minimal rigour.

La Fondation Léon Tutundjian

In the museum world, some pioneers, such as Serge Lemoine, Vicente Todoli, Fabrice Hergott and especially Gladys Fabre, have understood the importance of Léon Tutundjian’s contribution, but this circle must be widened.

That is why two structures have been created. Through a series of means (publications, website, exhibitions, research), they will contribute to bringing to light Leon Tutundjian’s refined and original language, and his ability to achieve the difficult alliance between geometric abstraction and surrealism; they will work to highlight Leon Tutundjian’s influence both on his contemporaries and on the birth of aesthetics during the last century: Constructive Art, of course, and especially Concrete Art, but also Cosmic Abstraction, Gestural Art and Tachism, or Biomorphic Art….


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