Biographical highlights


Born in Amasya (Anatolia).


Goes into exile. Stays in an orphanage in Greece and then at the San Lazaro Armenian school in Venice.


Arrives in Paris. Finds work with a ceramist. First group show.


– Abstract art exhibition, Galerie des Editions Bonaparte.
– ESAC- Selected exhibitions of contemporary art, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, with Arp, Charchoune, Van Doesburg, Freundlich, Torrès-Garcia, Kupka, Miro, Mondrian, Picasso, Severini, Survage, Villon, etc.
– Salon des Surindépendants.


Léon Tutundjian


– Foundation of the Art Concret group with Carlsund, Helion, Van Doesburg and Wantz.
– Solo show, Galerie des Editions Bonaparte.
International Exhibition of Post-Cubist Art (Cubism, Post- Cubism, Purism, Constructivism, Neoplasticism, Surrealism, Superimpressionism) organised by Carlsund in Stockholm.
– Salon des Surindépendants.
Produktion Paris exhibition, Zurich, featuring Arp, Beothy, Delaunay, Giacometti, Gleizes, Mondrian, Freundlich, Ernst, Vantongerloo, etc.



Is a founder of the Abstraction-Création group and member of the editorial board of the eponymous journal alongside Arp, Gleizes, Hélion, Herbin, Kupka, Valmier and Vantongerloo.
Meets the dealer Léonce Rosenberg.
Resigns from Abstraction-Création and takes part in a group exhibition with the Surrealists at Galerie Pierre Colle.
Marriage and birth of his daughter Lea.


Léon Tutundjian


Mobilized, wounded during fighting.
Production of ceramic buttons and dishes in a small workshop during the war.
Takes part in group exhibitions such as:
Konkrete Kunst at the Kunsthalle in Basel in 1944.
– Exhibition of the Union of Free Armenian Artists in 1945.
– Salon des Indépendants every year
Concrete Art in Stockholm in 1957
– etc.



Solo shows of his early abstract works at the Colette Allendy Gallery in 1958, and at the Yvon Lambert Gallery in 1966.
Takes part in several group shows, including:
Concrete Art at Yvon Lambert
Zéro Point, (organized by the poet and critic Imre Pan);
50 years of collages at the Musée d’Art et d’Industrie de Saint-Etienne.
Salons: Comparaisons, Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui.



Death in December.